Friday, August 20, 2010

Fair Game

I'm always sad to see the O.C. Fair end! I live a short walk or bike ride from the fairgrounds...close enough that they give us 20 free admission ticket a year for "inconveniencing" us. Here some of my favorite photos that Kristen took this year.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well, summer is here (kinda) and I've been too busy to do any blogging, but I'm gonna try and play catch up a little bit. In late May early June Kristen and I went on a full tourist trip to NYC. We had an amazing time...we kind of switched back and forth between our two main interests day we would go see art and the next we would go shopping and so on...all the while seeing the sights of the city and eating the phenomenal delights that it has to offer! Here are a few quick photos from our trip.

Street Art in Chelsea

Street Art in Chelsea

Street Art in Chelsea

Street Art in Chelsea by Becca

Street Art in Chelsea by Jeff Soto

We did this a lot!!!

Kristen in action!

Me N Rauschenberg

Richard Diebenkorn

Me N Warhol